the SMI group


We are communication strategists – creating shaped, focused, streamlined communication

SMI Group provides Strategic Management Intelligence services

We create effective and research based pre-tested communication strategies for fast and lasting success

This is our daily business

Among our clients, we have coached and consulted top leaders of fortune 500 and government institutions creating most effective communication and market strategies.

We assist you in any given challenge of media communication and information.

  • You need fast and pre-tested solutions in your communication strategy?
  • You need specific insights about your markets, clients and customers?
  • You want to research trigger motives of your customers and their decision-making process?
  • You want to get ready for future market demands & developments already today?
  • You look for most effective go to market strategies for your products and services?
  • You need specific communication methods such as crowd control or others?
  • You need press and media communication in challenging situations?
  • You are in need of communication management in special crisis intervention?

To answer this and all other questions on your markets and defined target groups we offer a portfolio of strategic market research methods to evaluate and test out for your best strategic decision and communication strategies.

Our strategic recommendation is always based on tested communication strategies based on proven scientific strategic market research methods.

Such we provide strategic recommendations that enable quantum loops in sales and outstanding results.

Just contact us for a first briefing – free of charge.

We will schedule a first draft how to unfold best strategies and solutions – suitable for your specific needs!