Special methods by MD Geert Walter Lipke and team

Porta Medica – The gate to medicine and health

A highly specialized internet platform for users worldwide. Students, patients and specialists communicate on best medical treatments and services available around the world. The unique algorithm for the first time combines 4 areas of medicine – wiki, forum, products & services – in only one platform. Anonymous data from this platform are used to enhance medicine and health care systems worldwide.

Hybrid Communication
Digital needs to meet analog communication today for creating effective communication strategies.
If briefing, public relation or training of special target group, only dual and combined communication transports the messages shaped focused and streamlined to your clients.
We develop, design and realze such specific communication that makes the difference.
Creating outstanding results for you.

Data Mining
A new ways of merging digital and analog research findings and data. The outcome always is a proven and tested way to create the best results in communication and strategy.

Learning Organisation
In any area of business todays knowledge doubles in shorter periods of time.
Companies today have to be learning organizations to face todays and future challenges successfully.
Implementing the right method of learning into your company needs experience and choosing the individual right path for your company.
Our learning intellgence specialists work out and implement success proven strategies, shaped for every company and institution.

An outstanding method to structure and shape work in complex challenges such as development of a vision a company, a strategy or a masterplan and many more. To be used in small and large groups even with members from different nations and languages. All of the results are available as digital file immediately after the meeting is finished in the language needed.

VDA – Video Documented Analysis
An unique method with outstanding results in strategic management intelligence projects. Ensuring specific evaluation of target markets and defined target groups. A sure method to develop strategical masterplans and marketing plans. This methodology guarantees most effective analysing and minimizes management risks in decisions.

Object Oriented Analysis
A method that enables to prognose future developments exactly e.g. in future  market shifts and developments, end consumer behaviour, economical development and many other areas of business.
Using artificial intelligence in companies today is the important success factor.
Our research institute frequently uses OOA to evaluate future developments in companies and markets.

DNCA – Discovery of Natural Communication Abilities
A method to accelerate natural communication abilities of your employees. New methods of learning and presentation make this seminary a highlight experience for all participants.

ECS – Excellent Communication Strategies
Service and customer orientation have reached a new dimension of importance. Sales and profits skyrocket using these
methods. Point out new dimensions, ways and visions of distribution and sales.

TQC – Total Quality in Communication
The world of communication has changed dramatically. Lets face new challenges and learn how to master them using target shaped strategies. This is a key to success in business.

Com Lab – the communication lab
Finding new ways, master new challenges in communicating with your target groups and markets – these are success strategies of the communication lab. The methods and results of the communication lab are highly sufficiently used in public relation and any other form of shaped, focused and streamlined communication.

EIS – Emotional Intelligence Strategies
Intelligence is far more than ratio or fact knowledge. Finally only the emotional aspect of intelligence makes people think, plan and act more successfully. To strengthen the emotional aspect of intelligence is the declared target of this method. It offers training and coaching from Top Managment leaders to all representatives of your company on every level.

SIP- Service Improvement Process
Service and customer orientation are the basics of success in this millennium. This concept enables employees to understand the necessity and background of excellent customer orientation better. It improves service and customer loyalty using a specific process enhancing skills available in your company on every level of management.

Selling in Today`s World
A 10 modul based program and programmed instruction that enables sales forces and managers to accelerate success in dealing with customers, end consumers, employees and cooperation partners.